Euro-Mediterranean plant diversity
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WELCOME to the Euro+Med PlantBase


The Euro+Med PlantBase provides an on-line database and information system for the vascular plants of Europe and the Mediterranean region, against an up-to-date and critically evaluated consensus taxonomic core of the species concerned. After several years of planning, the project is now firmly underway. The first stage of the project (referred to as Phase One) has been financed for three years by the European Union under Framework V.


The Euro+Med PlantBase is part of the Pan-European Species directories Infrastructure (PESI), funded by the European Union under the Framework 7 Capacities Work Programme.




The Euro+Med PlantBase is being sponsored by:



The Euro+Med PlantBase has been sponsored by:

The European Union 5th Framework Programme

The Linnean Society of London

Atlas Florae Europaeae

The Botanical Society of the British Isles







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